# Write a program that asks the user for a long string containing 
# multiple words.
# Print back to the user the same string, 
# except with the words in backwards order.

def inputstring():
    testing = input("Enter a string: ")
    a = len(testing)
    printwordsback(a, testing)

def printwordsback(a, testing):
    if a > 1:
        listing = testing.split()
        for i in range(a + 1):
            set1 = listing[::-1]
            print(' '.join(set1))


Lessons Learned:

  1. Converting a list to string can be done by join. Giving space between the single quotes adds space between the texts.
  2. If you want to print all the characters in reverse order, [: : -1 ] is to be used.

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