# Write a password generator in Python.
# strong passwords have a mix of lowercase letters, 
# uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
# The passwords should be random, generating a new password 
# every time the user asks for a new password.
# Include your run-time code in a main method.

import string
import random

characters = string.ascii_letters
chartest = [characters[i] for i in range(len(characters))]
digits = string.digits
special = string.punctuation
randomValue = characters + digits + special

def createpassword(randomValue, passlen):
    password = ''.join(random.sample(randomValue, passlen))
    return password

def mainstart():
    passlen = int(input("Enter the length of your password greater than 6: "))
    if passlen < 6:
        print("Password should be greater than 6. Retry!")
        password = createpassword(randomValue, passlen)
        reqagain = input("Want to try again? Y/N ").lower()
        if reqagain == 'y':


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