# Create a program that will play the “cows and bulls” game with the user.
# Randomly generate 4 digit number.

import random

complist = '123456789'
compnum = random.sample(complist, 4)
compnum = list(map(int, compnum))  # To convert string array to int array since above makes a string list
# print(compnum)  # This shows your final output

def userinput():

    userinp = input("Please enter a 4 digit number: ")
    if len(userinp) < 4 or len(userinp) > 4:
        print("The value should be <> 4")
        userinp = [int(i) for i in str(userinp)]  # This converts the number to a list format
        checkdigits(userinp, compnum)

def checkdigits(userinp, compnum):

    bull_count = 0
    cow_count = 0

    for i in range(0, len(compnum)):
        if compnum[i] == userinp[i]:
            bull_count += 1

        for j in range(0, len(userinp)):
            if compnum[i] == userinp[j] and i != j:
                cow_count += 1
    if bull_count == 4:
        print("Congrats! Correct guess!")
    elif cow_count >= 0 or bull_count >= 0:
        print("You have " + str(cow_count) + " cows and " + str(bull_count) + " bulls! Try again..? Y/N")
        tryagain = input()
        if tryagain.lower() == 'y':



I had a really really hard time figuring this one out. Honestly. There was a point where I just wanted to give up and mostly because I’m not well versed with lists. I was not aware that you could simple “array-fy” it and compare index values present in the list.


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