So yes, I have been lagging behind. A lot. I presumed that if I jumped right into practicing, I’ll understand the concepts.

To some extent, I did. But that extent was limited to certain time period and then poof! Gone. My memory has more RAM than ROM. *tch tch such a poor technical joke* But yes. I remember silly details but I forgot the important ones. Just like chrome. *tch tch. Another sad joke*

And after struggling for 10 days on a super simple silly question, and while giving a sincere advice to a friend who was fretting over her speed as well, I realized how much basics and practice we need before we do jump into the real world.

So the point is, if your basics are not clear, nothing will ever be clear to you. Whatever you would be doing will just represent the work of just another¬†developer – NOT A GOOD DEV. My concepts were still not clear and I tried really hard to get into Python’s intermediate side more earlier than required. I was still struggling to figure out what simple modules did. How to use some libraries etc. Epic Fail. Waste of time. Waste of energy because I’m again starting from scratch when I could have easily been on the good side of python by now.

You know, trying to jump all over, trying and assuming you can literally grasp anything and everything in few months and being at the same level of a 5 yr old developer in the same field is a huge huge misconception. Until of course you are a robot for which you would have been programmed to do it by now and then if it takes you 10 days to figure out a 50 line of code program, then you are a lull.

While talking to an acquaintance on one of my communities of slack, I was narrating him the sad story of my struggle over the cows and bulls game, he just simply made one statement – You must be doing it wrong.

Yes! Of Course. I was doing it wrong. In spite of knowing what I had to do, I still couldn’t figure out the correct way to get it done. Why? Because I was in a rush to finish it off instead of pulling it off.

So here I am, again – trying to re-learn whatever I had learned till now, again from scratch, with the basics and more practice on each and every step, not trying to jump out of something. Its hard. Like really really hard. Especially when you had high hopes with yourself. But its okay to dust off your failures, learn and move on. *tch tch. reading too much self helps I guess* Its nothing to feel embarrassed about. Take as much help as needed. Its okay! Its all okay. And everything will get okay. Learn to accept your pace and just focus on improving yourself for yourself and not others. *happy tears* *facepalms for reading too much self help and positive things*


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